- by NiiKoH

The Dewdrop is a timeless and elegant pendant designed by Nikolaj Toft and made in Denmark of the finest and most durable materials by the best and most accomplished craftsmen and artisans.

Designed to never get in the way or block the view – whether there is one or a hundred – Dewdrops allways add a sense of tranquility and timelessness to any space.


The inspiration from nature is clearly evident in each Dewdrop, and – as is the case in nature – everything has a purpose beyond the purely aesthetic: the solid glass “drop” acts as a lens directing the spotlight downwards in a 40 degree angle and this is the explanation behind why a Dewdrop never blinds you.


This little trick means that you no longer need a traditional lamp screen to block the glare from the light from getting into your eyes.Instead the view to dinner guests, art or a scenic view is unobscured while the warm and wonderfull light of the Dewdrop creates oasises of light that draw people together and make food and other objects look their best as well as text clear and easy to read.

You see, The Dewdrop is really about seeing, and we humans see the best when there is plenty of light, plenty of colour, plenty of contrast and freedom from glare. This is well known to painters and photographers, so for this reason the Dewdrop takes this approach to beuatifull lighting making your home come to life like the photos of a good cooking book or the still life of a classical painter.