Making the Dewdrop

The making of each Dewdrop is a journey through ever more refined stages – starting with the raw solid brass.

For maximum quality and durability each Dewdrop has its’ top machined from solid brass.

Not only does this feel very nice to the touch – it also ensures that excess heat is effectively vented from the 96 high-end LEDs inside meaning that replacement of the LEDs is something for your heirs to worry about.

(You heirs may contact us here for service.)

Achieving excellence at every stage of refinement requires extreme focus.

The right tools, the right materials and the natural skill aquired over the course of many years, doing the same thing over and over again is what defines the master of a craft.


Eventually the time comes to combine the fruits of all the countless hours of hard labour spent perfecting each part of a Dewdrop.

Achieving simplicity is not as simple as it would seem, and the Dewdrop is quite the complicated device on the inside. Obviously this makes the final assembly the most critical part of refinement – and one of the most difficult stages as a result.

So as not to waste all the hard effort of everyone involved so far, we partner with Ole Blichfeldt who is responsible for the final quality assurance and assembly of all Dewdrops.

Just like a master chef of a fine restaurant who may not necessarily cook all the food personally, but whose presence is nevertheless very evident in every bite of every dish, so Ole is involved in ensuring that with every Dewdrop everything is just as it should be.

Coming from a background of a life long practice of Judo has given Ole the necessary focus and discipline; Combine that with years of experience working as an electrician and an education in farm management and you have the rare and unique combination of skills, focus and love of nature necessary to make every single Dewdrop a piece of art.

"The special light of the Dewdrop allways creates a place where people like to be.

It feels good to be a part of making that happen."

- Ole Blichfeldt, responcible for assembly and quality assurance.
(Pictured here in a field right next to the facility.)

NiiKoH makes single Dewdrops and standard and bespoke chandeliers perfectly suited to your needs

A chandelier can have any number of Dewdrops.

Don’t hesitate to contact us via email or call (+45) 61278391 if you would like a quote or have any questions.