The Dewdrop Grand Staircase Chandelier

Come with us to a beautiful classical estate in Copenhagen where the residents are welcomed every day by the elegance and warm light of a Dewdrop Chandelier.


In the center of Copenhagen the eminent interior designer Sharon Fisher was asked to decorate and light up a newly renovated staircase. She chose a Dewdrop Grand Staircase Chandelier for its elegance and wonderfull light. Scroll down and view a selection of pictures from this project.

Carving out space for an elevator by making each flight of stairs narrower opened up the possibility of making an otherwise mundane and practical section of the building into something far more interesting.

By using The Dewdrop Grand Staircase Chandelier as a connecting element, an otherwise separate set of floors were transformed into a seamless and elegant grand staircase atrium.


The completely glare free light of the Dewdrop Grand Staircase Chandelier ensures that the entire atrium is enveloped in a warm and welcoming light thus achieving the elusive feeling of “coming home” even before entering the apartments.


NiiKoH makes standard and bespoke chandeliers perfectly suited to your needs

A chandelier can have any number of Dewdrops. The one shown here has 12 Dewdrops total – 3 per storey and a white, triangular canopy.

Such a chandelier with Dewdrops in Brushed Brass would be priced at DKK 85.000,- including sales tax (excluding montage.)

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