I started ROAST Coffee because I longed to produce something tangible of high quality and at the same time make a positive difference in peoples´ lives."

- Andreas Astrup, Founder: ROAST Coffee

At ROAST Coffee absolutely nothing is left to chance. When they make a coffee everything is weighed and measured on their scientific quest to make the perfect coffee. Every time.

“Roasting the coffee is a vital phase in the process. The farmers entrust us with their finest beans, so we hand-roast them in small batches to bring out the very best in each coffee’s natural flavors and aromas”

– Andreas Astrup, Founder ROAST Coffee.


At ROAST Coffee everything has to be perfect so we are naturally very proud that they chose to complement their take on the perfect coffee with 14 Dewdrop pendants in Black Brass.

Once you sit down at the 10 meters long counter, or at one of the small tables, the Dewdrops completely vanish leaving you free to enjoy the sight and taste of your perfect coffee, perfectly undisturbed.


To fulfill the the ambition to start a company that could also make a difference in peoples lives, Andreas Astrup founded a company that pays farmers a lot more.

“ROAST’s own “50-50” label guarantees the farmers 50% of the retail price (after tax). The 50-50 label goes far beyond what Fair Trade and other programs offer. Through the 50-50 label you support farmers who put more emphasis on quality and sustainability.”

– Andreas Astrup, Founder ROAST Coffee.


Let us help you make something extraordinary. NiiKoH makes bespoke solutions for Coffee Shops, restaurants, hotels, conference rooms and other B2B cases.

Above you can see the Dewdrop Black Brass variant used in the coffee shop. This popular variant was originally developed for ROAST Coffee and a very long time was spent to get the black just right – not just painted black-  but a black you never loose interest in.

If you or your company would like to hear about the possibilities to use our lamps for your project, please don’t hesitate to contact us to hear about the possibilites and to receive a quote.

Everything is possible.