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If you have a project and consider using Dewdrops and would like to receive a quote, please contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.


For chandeliers and special commissions, price available upon request.

Our standard pricelist for single Dewdrops in the various finishes are as follows.

Brushed Brass DKK 4.995,- incl. VAT

Black Brass DKK 5.495,- incl. VAT

Aluminum. DKK 4.995,-incl. VAT

Pitch Black DKK 4.995,- incl VAT

Silver DKK 6.495,- incl. VAT

Gold DKK 7.000,- incl. VAT


Handmade canopies and suspension system are available in brushed brass, copper and black brass for an extra DKK 1.995,- incl. sales tax.

(Black Brass go well with both gold and silver.)


(All prices includes danish sales tax (VAT) 25% and and 4 meters of black luxury textile cord and power supply. Upon request, Dewdrops can also be fitted with white textile cord. )

The webshop with credit card payment options etc. will be back online medio September 2017